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100% Cannabis Extract
What’s in it? – Live Resin

AMBER Live Resin is a blend of High Terpene Extract and Cannabis Derived Terpenes for a potent, natural tasting vapor.

The HTE safeguards the aromatics of the terpenes so that every draw satisfies the parts of the plant your body craves.

Additional cannabis derived terpenes complete the entourage effect with a full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids.

High terpene extract
Natural tasting vapor
State of the art ceramic hardware
What’s in it? – Shatter

AMBER Shatter is made from fresh flower and our cultivation teams select specific terpene blends for each product we produce.

Shatter includes a full spectrum of cannabinoids, with added terpene profiles, resulting in a high-quality concentrate product.

Shatter is higher concentrated than regular vapes, allowing you to use less product and achieve more pronounced effects faster.

High terpene extract
Natural tasting vapor
State of the art ceramic hardware
100% Cannabis Extract
AMBER vs. regular vape
Amber’s custom formulations are produced in small batches to maintain the integrity of the strains we release.
Our premium, state-of-the-art fully ceramic hardware gives the cartridge a fresh feel without heavy metals contaminating the oil
As a result, may offer a faster onset and longer lasting experience that can only be described as AMBER.

As a color, amber stands for energy. Its warmth creates an atmosphere of security & confidence, while its brightness invigorates and inspires boldness. It’s about nature, and a friendly vibe that seeks to cheer up a room and give a reason to smile.

That pretty much sums up our AMBER, too.

Bright, Bold, Confident.


You know your terp sauce.
If the ingredients are premium, the experience is premium, too.
Our formulations have been developed by true cannabis connoisseurs to allow you to maximize your entourage of flavors and aromas.

*Strains vary by market, please check local dispensary listings for current availability.

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